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About us

Mixtvision – a young publishing house with an innovative profile:

We are convinced that children can comprehend their world most effectively when they are having fun while showing their own initiative. Thus, our products combine playful ease and age-relevant advancement. Developing children’s literature which is at the same time challenging and entertaining is not a contradiction, but our ambitious concern.

A small and independent publishing house, which has its roots not in publishing but in the world of TV and media, we aim for a more liberating approach to the book, aspiring to probe its limitations and venturing new cross-media connections. We love books, which leads us to think and act in networks in a multimedia-based world.

We are enthusiastic about our work and our objectives. That’s why we consistently think out our projects, have a courageous approach towards current topics and gently revamp dateless contents. Excellent stories, modern illustrations and high-quality specifications complete our products.

We stand for premium entertainment which often includes the reader actively. Above all, inspiring curiosity and fostering creativity is very close to our heart.

Sebastian Zembol and the Mixtvision team

Contact us: info@mixtvision.de