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Narrative Puzzle Game


Interrogation is a psychological noir detective thriller about political radicalization and authority abuse. You are the lead investigator tracking down The Liberation Front, a dangerous terrorist organization. Your weapons of choice are your manipulative interrogative skills – but how far are you willing to go when suspects don’t cooperate?

The Liberation Front’s influence is on the rise. Whispers about the most powerful terrorist organization in modern history spread everywhere. In the eye of the storm, you are the investigator tasked with preventing their attacks and, perhaps, stopping them.

What do these anarchists want, and how are they so capable? You need to pierce the minds of your suspects and work your way to the truth, through intimidation, guile or empathy.

To understand their motivations you have to make hard choices about your methods. To what lengths are you willing to go to achieve your goals? All you can do is ask the right questions at the right time – and decide yourself if you want to engage in outright war or attempt to get close to them? What if you get too close?

Lives are at stake.

Genre: Narrative Puzzle Game

Zielgruppe: 12+

Developer: Critique Gaming

Plattformen: PC/Mac


twitter: @InterrogationG

Interrogate and psychologically manipulate realistic suspects to get to the bottom of a terrifying conspiracy

Manage your team, allocate your resources and uphold the police force’s public reputation

Immerse yourself in gloomy noir art based on real actor footage and atmospheric jazz music

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