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At Mixtvision Games Publishing, we are looking for artistically unique games that have a story to tell.

We are on the lookout for games that walk the fine line between art and commerce.

Our vision is to help create and publish games that deliver unique and deeply satisfying user experiences.

We believe that games should be more than pure fun and mindless time-killers.

Therefore our mission is to bring artful entertainment to fruition.

What we offer
A real partnership

  • First and foremost a shared passion for your project
  • Funding with fair deal terms
  • A partnership that is not “one-size-fits-all”
  • Publishing on all relevant digital platforms (Steam, GoG, Humble, PS4, Xbox, Switch, Mobile)
  • Marketing and PR that is tailor made for your title
  • Individual distribution strategies in coordination with you and our platform contacts
  • An international network ranging from PR agencies to distribution agents

  • Help with localization and QA
  • Customer support and community management in close collaboration with you
  • Creative feedback without trying to take control of your project
  • A multi-disciplinary team with experience in marketing, publishing, design and production
  • Help with business administration and project management
  • Transmedia opportunities
What we are looking for
Artful entertainment

  • Games that feature a strong connection between gameplay and narration
  • Games that feature interesting, deep and sympathetic characters
  • Unique art styles
  • Innovative storytelling in the broadest sense (from environmental storytelling in more traditional genres to interactive visual novels)
  • Projects that broaden the view of what games can be
  • Games that embrace new target and age groups
  • Emotional experiences and flow experiences
  • Innovative content in order to be able to raise awareness and stand out
What we are NOT looking for


  • Free2Play games
  • Educational games
  • Casual games (Match3, idle clickers etc.)
  • Me-too products
  • Mindless time killers
  • Online multiplayer games
  • Competitive games
  • Browser games
  • Combat centric games
How you can work with us

  • You can pitch us projects in every stage; however, elements like core-gameplay, story, a visual concept and an approximate budget should already roughly be worked out.
  • The vision for the project and its unique selling propositions should be very clear.
  • The more we know about what your expectations are (in terms of funding, support etc.) the sooner we can discuss if there is common ground for a partnership.
  • If you want us to, we are happy to provide feedback for projects that are in line with our vision in general regardless of whether we get on board or not.

Meet us at: 

Indie Outpost, Nuremberg, July 12, 2019
Devcom, Cologne (Germany), August 18 – 19, 2019
Gamescom, Cologne (Germany), August 20 – 24, 2019

Track Record

Inhouse Productions:

  • The Big Word Factory; Developer: Smart Mobile Factory
  • The Trip to Panama; Developer: Mimimi Productions
  • In the Garden of Dandelions; Developer: Mixtvision / Kazou


  • FAR: Lone Sails; Developer: Okomotive

Johannes Roth
Founder & Managing Director, Mimimi Productions

“In working with Publishers, Mixtvision truly was a highlight. Fair deal terms, a shared vision of the game, high quality standards, the possibility to iterate, and a very supportive Producer who managed the different stakeholders and was always available. All marketing materials were top-notch and, even in a difficult market, Mixtvision was able to generate visibility and awareness for the product. In short, we worked as a team towards the best possible result within the time and budget we had.”

Don Schmocker,
Founder & Creative Lead, Okomotive

“FAR: Lone Sails was still a student project when Mixtvision came on board as publisher and provided us with funding for the production. At that point we had never released or even finished a game. Now that we do, we can look back on a very productive time, when they were always at our side in planning, discussing and finding solutions. During the entire time everyone at Mixtvision was very engaged to make this thing happen, and we’re very happy with how well everything worked out.”

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    Benjamin Feld

    Benjamin Feld
    Director Digital & Transmedia // Vice Managing Director
    bf (at) mixtvision.de

    Frieder Römmelt

    Frieder Römmelt
    Producer and Sales Manager
    fr (at) mixtvision.de

    Rebekka Niederländer

    Rebekka Niederländer
    Product and Project Manager
    rn (at) mixtvision.de

    Alexandra Palme

    Alexandra Palme
    Marketing & PR Manager
    ap (at) mixtvision.de

    Julia Herrmann

    Julia Herrmann
    Communication Designer
    jhe (at) mixtvision.de

    Header illustrations: © Don Schmocker (left) / © Valeria Docampo (center and right); bottom illustration: © Don Schmocker