Who doesn’t like a good story?

At Mixtvision, we are convinced that everyone does. It is all just a matter of finding the right one – and the right way to tell it!

Great stories never get old. And the manifold ways in which they can be told shouldn’t get old, either. That is why Mixtvision – an award-winning cross-platform publishing & production house – tells engaging and immersive stories in the medium that best caters to their purpose – and the customers’ needs, of course.



Ten Years. And Onward.

We want to foster curiosity in people – curiosity for the world and for themselves.

We wish to move people, to stimulate their senses, and make them aware of what touches them and of what is going on around us. We want to make people think for themselves and encourage change. What better way to do just that than by telling stories?

To do that we use all kinds of media. We tell stories in our books, in games and in movies. Our business areas print, digital and film / TV have never been altogether seperate, and they will move together even closer in the future to connect the parts of traditional book publishing, classic movie business, and the digital media scene that belong together.



Telling. Stories.

As a small and independent book publisher, we have a fresh approach to a traditional medium. We explore the boundaries of the book and venture into new territories by interlinking different media types.

Our books are humorous, insightful, and challenging. Our program combines familiar and popular contents with new and surprising ones. This includes our choice of artists and stories as well as the high-quality manufacturing of our books.

Our children’s books spark the joy of reading and inspire children to discover plenty of topics in their own everyday lives. Adolescents and young adults find entertaining literature that doesn’t shy away from more sophisticated and demanding content in our YA-section. Extraordinary gift books for the whole family complete our range of products.



Experiencing. Stories.

High-quality storytelling across platforms and target groups is Mixtvision’s main focus. We publish story-driven and entertaining content. Our publications have been awarded numerous times. Our recent releases reached top chart rankings and were loved by critics.

One of our strengths, besides our capacity to finance and market small to mid-sized projects, is that we work as partners in creation and business, especially for up-and-coming developers. We can offer transmedia production pipelines via our in-house movie production and book publishing departments. We value creativity and innovation – and we just love a good story!



Moving. Stories.

Our movie section stands for open-mindedness and variety. We develop and realize own projects for the cinema ranging from ambitious arthouse, debut, and young talents’ film projects to popular movies that address a larger audience.

When it comes to interpersonal relationships and content development, we value quality and continuity in this ever-changing market. We appreciate the opportunity to work with people who share our values and our storytelling approach. During the artistic process, we see ourselves as creative sparring partners and as reliable business partners in every part of the process up until marketing.