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Narrative Puzzle-Platformer

White Shadows

Weird, violent, funny – help little Ravengirl escape a dark, absurd world built on obedience and lies. Join her on her quest to find the revolutionaries hidden deep in the belly of the last city on earth.

White Shadows is a modern fable, a distorted mirror of our own world, funny, fucked up and a little meaningful.

Some time ago, the great war led to a plague which wiped almost all living things from the face of the earth. Or so they say. Nobody is safe outside the White City, and the birds are to blame for the plague. Or so they say. Only a shining coat of fresh white color will protect you from the plague, and you must earn your ration of color by staying obedient. Or so they say. But Ravengirl stopped listening.

Her escape pushes you deeper and deeper into ever more surreal parts of the city – slums constructed out of the remains of a circus, giant workers’ quarters which travel through the endless night, a perverted amusement park where white color flows endlessly, a forgotten place where the other outlaws gather around a tree made of tin.

On your journey into the darkness you will become the main attraction of the half-human, half-animal inhabitants of the city. You will catch up with your own past and become a victim, a perpetrator, a prophet. You will find the resistance hidden deep in the belly of the city and learn about the horrible truth of the white color and the world outside the city. Or will you?

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Genre: Narrative Puzzle-Platformer

Developer: Monokel

Platforms: PC, Consoles

Website: https://www.monokel.de/

twitter: @realMonokel

Meaningful story: A story that is dark yet funny, gripping and relevant to players’ lives today

Narrative gameplay experience: Simple, but deep interactions drive the story forward

Cinematic style: A unique & highly detailed visual style made of shadows and light