Minute of Islands, Title

Puzzle-Platforming Adventure

Minute of Islands

Explore a strange and wonderful archipelago in this classic comic-style adventure. Guide young mechanic Mo on a journey to find the strength to let go in a world about to collapse. The powerful Omni Switch at your disposal may not be enough to fix all that is broken…

You are Mo, a skilled tinkerer in an unstable world. It is a mysterious land, formed not only by humans but also by inscrutable giants. Giant-kind all but vanished since, leaving behind otherworldly tech deeply entwined with the islands themselves and in desperate need of maintenance. Now, an almost forgotten threat must be kept at bay. Mo is on a quest to become a hero, but is this truly what she needs?

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Wield your wand-like Omni Switch throughout story-based environmental puzzle & platform gameplay.

Unravel an emotional poetic story and explore a fantastic colorful world across multiple unique islands.

Enjoy hand-drawn comic visuals and a deeply atmospheric soundtrack.