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Interactive picture book

Milli and her Friends: Playing and Reading

Join the curious little snail Milli and her friends in their quest to find out what they can do best.

Milli and her best friend Miro set o to find out who they are and what they’re good at. Along the way they learn more about the animals they meet: Why is Wanda the Owl so clever, and how does Leon Chameleon hide so well?

Told in rhyme, through a series of stunning, interactive landscapes, Milli’s adventures on Apple Tree Hill will enthrall story lovers both young and old. The gentle philosophy of the narrative is complemented by the wonderful hand-painted illustrations and enchanting animations with so much to disco ver. Interactive elements encourage readers to join in and help shape Milli’s world.

Genre: Interactive picture book

Target Group: 4+

Developer: Honig Studios

Platforms: iOS


philisophic and educational story told in rhymes

hand-painted illustrations

story-driven mini-games

An app that can very capably teach as well as entertain. It teaches children how to solve problems and to be empathetic.

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The first thing that strikes a user of this app is the beauty of the art that fills each and every page of this story of Milli the snail. The story is substantial and with its high quality content is excellent value for money. This is an app that you should definitely check out.

I really enjoyed the Milli the Snail app. I would definitely recommend this app to the parents of young readers and pre-readers.

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