Kosmo & Klax: Baumhaus-Party, Icon-Abbildung

Mini game collection

Kosmo & Klax: Treehouse Party

Ready, set, let’s go to the treehouse! Kosmo & Klax’s cheerful and colorful world is awaiting you, so come and enjoy the gaming fun, adventure and all that there is to discover. Join the two heroes in fun mini-games while helping them solve tricky tasks such as: Where is the missing nut? What other ingredient does Bibo want on his crêpe? And how do you actually piece an “A”, “B” or “C” together?

Kosmo & Klax live in a treehouse in the valley of the enchanted park.
Kosmo, the curious squirrel, is always full of ideas. And Klax, his best friend and enchanted prince in the shape of a little red ball, enthusiastically accompanies him on every adventure.

They like to have their adventures with all their friends: Mr. Hare, Ms. Goose, Knabba, Lilli Graymouse and Bibo Beaver. After all, when everyone’s together, things are a lot more fun: Whether they’re all looking for food, puzzling letters or making the most delicious crêpes in the valley, the friends from the enchanted park are always there for each other!


  • Diverse mini-games: Find the nuts, serve the friends crêpes with the right ingredients and get to know the letters of the alphabet with Kosmo & Klax.
  • Interactive world: Explore the treehouse with its inhabitants and watch the cute details and animations over and over again.
  • Likable cast: Get to know the cute characters from the popular storybook series by author Alexandra Helmig und illustrator Timo Becker.


  • Playful learning: The mini-games promote motor skills and the ability to concentrate, and shape perception for young explorers aged three and over.
  • Playing and exploring without pressure: The app has no high scores or timers, thus allowing children as much time as they need to discover and play.
  • Motivating sounds: The app includes charming sound effects which provide even more fun for children.
  • Security: The app is completely ad-free and does not include in-app purchases.
  • Child-friendly: The app is easily manageable for young users.

Genre: Mini game collection

Target Group: 3+

Developer: Ahoiii Entertainment UG

Platforms: iOS, Android

Website: http://www.kosmo-klax.de/app

Diverse mini-games

Playful learning

Playing and exploring without pressure

The two distinctly dissimilar friends – one round, the other bushy – have the potential to become permanent fixtures in many children’s rooms.


Cute, funny and very colorful.

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Addiction potential. More, please!