Janosch: Panama, Icon-Abbildung

Interactive picture book with mini-games

Janosch: The Trip to Panama

Go on an adventure with Tiger and Bear to find Panama – the land of their dreams!

Join Tiger and Bear on an unforgettable journey to the land where everything smells like bananas. In each of the seven interactive chapters you have to help Tiger and Bear on their journey. Collect rewards on the rotating 3D-globe and play entertaining mini-games.

Using animation technology that creates a cinematic look, the popular Janosch drawings gain depth of field and are brought to life without losing that classy picture book feel. Carefully placed interactions make the app an exciting experience.

Genre: Interactive picture book with mini-games

Target Group: 4+

Developer: Mimimi Productions

Platforms: iOS, Google Play, Amazon

Website: http://janoschs-panama-app.de/en/

Partners: Janosch film und Medien AG

cinematic, interactive story


story-driven mini-games

The Trip to Panama immediately intrigues in a digital format. ... The games were surprisingly fun. ... Sweet, if strange story about what is truly important in life.

School Library Journal

Almost an app classic ... Timeless and well-done, even parents enjoy this app.