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Story-driven endless flyer

In the Garden of Dandelions

Dive into an enchanting world of magic and dreams and escape your day for a while. A zen game for all ages!

What if people didn’t know how to make wishes? The valley of windmills was home to men, women and children, just like anywhere else. Then one day the Perfect Machines arrived. The people living there only had to press a button in order to live in a perfect world. Perfect and boring. Thus, everyone stopped wishing.
Everyone, except Anna …

Let the app take you on a journey to an enchanted world and take a break from your everyday. “In the Garden of Dandelions” combines a meditative gaming experience with beautiful art and an interactive story. The app is based on the bestselling book by Noelia Blanco and Valeria Docampo.

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Genre: Story-driven endless flyer

Target Group: 4+

Developer: Kazou / Mixtvision

Platforms: iOS, Amazon

Website: http://www.pusteblume-app.de/en/

Heartwarming story about the power of dreams and wishes

Harmonious flow effect and a meditative gaming experience

Captivating illustrations and beautiful sound recording