CaptŐn Sharky, Icon-Abbildung

Mini-game collection

Capt’n Sharky: Open Sea Adventures

Go aboard with Capt’n Sharky: Sail with him across the seven seas and go on adventures like a real pirate!

Sail along with Capt’n Sharky across the open sea! Play tag with Sepio the sea monster, make parrot Coco jump across ice floes and help Capt’n Sharky dive for a pirate treasure.

Each time you win a game, a piece of a Capt’n Sharky picture book film is unlocked. Curl up with a cup of Gluglu and watch it again and again. Become a real pirate by decorating your photo with beards, pirate hats, eye patches and more accessories! The mini-games demand concentration, coordination, and speed – but first and foremost they are a lot of fun!

Genre: Mini-game collection

Target Group: 5+

Platforms: iOS


Partners: Coppenrath Verlag

3-dimensional navigation

6 exciting mini-games

motion-sensitive controls