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Interactive picture book

The Big Word Factory

Read, play, learn, discover, dream: an enchanting picture book-app for children and lovebirds of any age.

Paul and Marie live in a land where people hardly ever speak. Words must be bought and swallowed in order to say them. But words are expensive, especially the really good ones. So Paul collects them on the street: ÔÇťCherry, Dust, ChairÔÇŁ. He wants to give them to Marie to show her how much he likes her.

ÔÇťThe Big Word FactoryÔÇŁ talks about the power of words and language. And about how you say something is o en more important than what you say. Several mini-games enrich the story and show curious children the fun of playing with words. The app is based on the bestselling book ÔÇťThe big word factoryÔÇŁ by Agn├Ęs de Lestrade and Valeria Docampo.

Genre: Interactive picture book

Target Group: 4+

Platforms: iOS, Google Play, Amazon

Website: http://diewoerterfabrik.de/

Artistic illustrations

poetic story about the power of words

playful learning for curious children aged 3+

A sweeping declaration of love for the power of words, the world of reading and the value of language ÔÇô a joy for the whole family to be looked at again and again.

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This picturebook app inspires a love for literature.


Very poetic.

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