Staudamm, Film


The Dam (Staudamm)

THE DAM tells the story of Roman, a young man who works in an attorneyʼs office. Romanʼs work takes him to a small village close to Neuschwanstein Castle where he is supposed to retrieve some files from the local police station. These files document the high school massacre committed by a student one year earlier. Due to the bureaucracy involved in sourcing the files, Roman has to stay in the village for a few days while his request is processed.

By accident he meets Laura, a young girl and one of the survivors of the massacre. Over the next few days, Roman becomes more acquainted with Laura and gets drawn deeper into the circumstances surrounding the tragic event. As the story unfolds, he realises that Laura has been hiding a secret: she is more involved in the incident than previously assumed.

Cast & Crew


milk film (Christian Lyra und Felix Parson) mit arte/ZDF/ARRI


Thomas Sieben


Christian Lyra und Thomas Sieben


Christian Lyra, Felix Parson

Editorial staff

Anne Even


Friedrich Mücke, Liv Lisa Fries, Dominic Raacke, Arnd Schimkat, Lucy Wirth


Jan Vogel, Christian Pfeil


Manuel Reidinger


Franziska Aigner

Sound Mixer

Achim Hofmann


Frank Heidbrink


Mixtvision Mediengesellschaft mbH

Thomas Sieben’s THE DAM is a quietly beautiful drama. The haunting, but not overdramatic film finds a fresh perspective on a familiar subject. American arthouse auds should respond well to it.

The Hollywood Reporter

Dedicated cinema in its best sense, in a gripping and technically highly professional realization.

tip Berlin

At the Saarbrücken Festival, Thomas Sieben shows the personality profile of a school shooter – and takes a very interesting approach.


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