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Story Now

A Handbook for Digital Storytelling

A hands-on compendium for everyone seeking to get involved more profoundly with the transmedia potential of their media projects – from conception and production to application.

Since its very beginning, storytelling has always been subject to change. Digitalization is currently putting pressure on the media industry – people want to access content at all times and everywhere. But there’s not only a shi in media channels and profit models, even the content itself is changing, just like the production methods.

“Story Now” compiles essays about the digital turn in media by some of the most creative minds in the industry as well as case studies showing best pratices of how to handle this massive shift.

Handbook / Compendium / Guide


208 pages
€ 24,90 (D) / € 25,60 (A)

ISBN 978-3-95854-081-1

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